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From a date to a relationship

From a date to a relationship

After a promising first date, the two of you will need to discover more about each other before you consider moving into a stable relationship. Parship’s compatibility matching provides you with a sound basis, since the results of the Parship test provide valuable insights into the way each of you ticks, and into the dynamics between the two of you. Of course, no matter how compatible you seem to be when you meet on a date, life in a relationship presents some challenges as you find a successful balance between your individual and mutual needs, with flexibility and compromise a vital part of the equation.

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From a date to a relationship

Each time you go on a date with someone you are only just getting to know, you are embarking on a voyage of discovery. Hopefully, each date will show you more to like about the other person, but there will also be times when you come to the conclusion that he or she just isn’t the one for you. At some point, you are likely to find yourself having to say “Thanks, but no thanks” after a date - and there might also be times when you have to deal with rejection yourself. It can be tough, but it is part of finding your way to the fulfilling relationship you deserve.

If you have had a date or two with someone you think offers relationship potential, keep taking things at a pace that feels comfortable for both of you; that way, you can gain an understanding of each other’s’ needs, expectations and vulnerabilities.

In the early stages of a relationship, it can be easy to become over-idealistic, or you might find yourself making exaggerated demands on the other person. As things develop, it is important to accept a potential partner as he or she is: after all, Parship’s matching process puts an emphasis on the real person and the way he or she behaves in a relationship. Give both of yourselves time to get to know each other and to get used to the way you interact in different environments and situations.

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