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From a date to a relationship

I'm not ready to have sex yet, am I a prude?

How to act when dating speeds are different? There is one major rule when two partners have different speeds of dating - even in the online dating world. Respect your partners needs and feelings.  more

Decisions, decisions ..

You have had a long list of recommended partners. You’ve exchanged a lot of messages and drunk a lot of cups of coffee on first dates. Now you think you might have found the right one … But are you absolutely sure?  more

Getting things back up to speed

So, you’ve been on Parship for a few months, but you haven’t found the right person yet, and you might not be getting as many contact requests as you did at the start ... It’s time to inject some new energy into your online dating.  more

If the going gets a little tough …

Getting started with online dating is exciting. Almost anything can seem possible ... But sometimes things don’t move as fast as you would like. In which case, don’t get discouraged – here are some ideas.  more

Long-distance love

You’ve found someone really right for you – the only negative is that you live a long way from each other. Can a long-distance relationship really work?  more

Love and money

What part does money play in a relationship? What if your partner has less – or more – money than you, or just likes to spend it differently?  more


You’ve lost your appetite, your knees are weak and you’ve got that floating feeling ... Congratulations, you’re in love! Find out more about the condition - and glean some tips from Parship’s psychologist Nicole Schiller.  more

The three month mark

Relationships tend to progress in stages and you can virtually time these stages sometimes: the three month mark, the 6 month mark, etc.. Do you know when it’s time to be clear about your relationship intentions?  more

The shopping list for love

From time to time it’s only natural to wonder why you’re still single... In moments of self-doubt, you might end up asking yourself some awkward questions, such as “Is it something about me?” or “Have I maybe been too fussy?” If a good friend were to express those doubts about themselves, the chances are that your response would be: “Of course you’re not too fussy. You’re fantastic and you deserve the best.” explains Paula Hall, Parship's dating expert.  more

So, you’ve had a ‘no‘. What now?

If you’re in the dating game, at some point you are going to have to put up with a rejection. Of course, we’d all like to be the one making the choice, but sometimes we have to take a refusal. What is the best way of dealing with it?  more

The single stigma exists for men too

As this is a dating site and often full of articles dealing with issues to do with relationships, dating and how to find a partner, we do like to remind people every once in a while that being single is also absolutely fine.  more

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The Parship principle

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The Parship principle

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