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Specific issues

Specific issues

Parship’s members are genuine single people ... They have chosen Parship as a relationship site because they want to find love … They tend to be professional people with high expectations of life and of a prospective partner (and of a professional dating service)… but that’s where the generalities end. They are of many different ages and backgrounds … They come from all over the UK (or even from elsewhere in Europe) … Some are looking for marriage, others a steady relationship … The advice in this section covers the many different issues that people face as they look for love.

Sex and Long-term Relationships

Not a day goes by without a piece of research telling us that our dating and relationship lives are all down to basic biology. The latest, hailing from Canada, has found that women’s sex drive declines significantly throughout long term relationships / serious dating, while men’s stays the same throughout.  more

Dating for professionals

You regard yourself as a professional? Then it also makes sense to choose a professional dating service.  more

Platonic relationships

More about platonic relationships with the opposite sex | Are friendship with members of the opposite sex good or bad for you? Well, as usual, it depends on who you ask.  more

Relationship type casting

An interesting article titled “Why men secretly love bossy women” has gotten me thinking about the way people (both men and women) type cast their partners in their relationships.  more

Top 10 Romantic Getaways in the UK

Romantic weekends away are among the finest things in this world, but you don’t need to suffer through airport queues or 5:00AM flights to do something special with your special someone. There are plenty of incredibly romantic beauty spots dotted throughout the UK, so why not make the most of them? Here are our top favourite romantic getaways in Britain:  more

The shopping-list dater

Everyone has their idea of the ideal man or woman, and each of us attaches particular importance to certain aspects of a potential partner. But what happens when you come across someone who treats dating like a visit to the supermarket?  more

So what if he’s younger than me?

Susan Sarandon, Joan Collins and Gwyneth Paltrow all have a younger man as their partner. They insist how happy there are - and have been doing so for years - but the older woman/younger man combination has always been viewed askance. Why should that be?  more

‘Separated’ from a new relationship?

When you’re looking for a new relationship, is it a disadvantage to be labelled as ‘separated’ rather than ‘divorced’. Isobel (41) wrote to Parship on the subject.  more

My friends and relatives disapprove of my dating

Dr Victoria Lukats is a psychiatrist and Parship's dating expert. Today, she offers advice to a widower who is looking for love again following the death of his wife  more

I can't get over my ex, but want to move on...

I met someone in my early 20s, just after I left university. He was my first serious boyfriend and I felt could talk to him about anything and we did lots of things together and I thought we had a good relationship.  more

Specific issues

As single people go in search of a new relationship, they face issues that are as diverse as they are.

Men can face different issues from women, especially when it comes to the established protocols of dating ... Someone who’s been married before will take a different approach from someone looking for their first serious relationship ... Is it a matter of aiming to find a girlfriend or a boyfriend, or is marriage in mind? …

Some single people have children - whether living with them, their ex-partner, or maybe grown up and living independently. Long-distance relationships can be a viable option for some people, while others need to have their ‘other half’ close by - and there is also the matter of choosing the right moment to move in together (if that’s what you want).

Factors like religion can also play a role in how things develop: for instance, while Parship does not ask members to specify their religion, it is a relationship site which often appeals to people looking for Christian dating, perhaps because it adheres to high standards.

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