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Password for safety

Passwords are essential on the Internet - for online banking, mail accounts and, of course, Parship. Lots of people use the same password everywhere, but that can expose you to risks. To protect yourself simply and effectively, just follow the suggestions here.

Password for safety

Does it ever occur to you that someone could use your name on eBay to bid for a private jet? Or do you just assume that no-one is going to bother with what you’re doing on the Internet? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Anyone could break into your private online zones unless you take suitable precautions. What’s true in other parts of your life is also true on the Internet - it’s up to you to ensure your security. You don’t leave the iron on when you go out, or walk around with a suitcase of money, so why not show some care when it comes to your passwords?

It’s worth applying the following tips in the context of your Parship account.

1. Always make sure your username is different from your password

Your username and password should never be identical. If they are, you are making it extraordinarily easy for your account to be hacked. Use two different words - or two different combinations of words and letters - to increase your security.

2. The ideal password is at least 8 characters long and difficult to guess

The ideal password is at least 8 characters long and difficult to guess. Names of pets or relations are not a good idea - and neither are simple sequences of numbers (eg birth dates) or real words, which can be easily cracked by hacker programmes.

3. The passport should comprise a random sequence of capital letters, smalls letter and, ideally, digits

The passport should comprise a random sequence of capital letters, small letters and, ideally, digits. That doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds. Simply choose a sentence, a quote or a proverb of some kind and make all the initial letters or digits into a sequence. For instance: Mmbio1911 (My mother’s birthday is on 19th November.)

4. Regularly change your password

Regularly change your password. Experts suggest every three months (perhaps every three months after your mother’s birthday!). Think about taking your new password from a sentence based on another important occasion.

5. Don’t use the ‘save login data’ feature on your browser

Internet browsers like Explorer or Firefox make it seductively easy to for us to save our login data so we don’t have to sign into favourite sites every time we visit them. This can cause problems - especially if you share your computer or if a hacker uses a programme like a Trojan to gain access to your PC.

6. Don’t write your passwords down

Or, if you feel you will absolutely forget them otherwise, write them down in such a way that no-one will recognise them as passwords - for instance, write down your mnemonic sentence on a space in your private calendar.

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