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The first date

Taking a gift to a date

If you’ve made contact online and are meeting for the first time, is it a good idea to take flowers along? One of our members had that question for us and a member survey gave a clear indication of what people think about it.  more

Still at stage one after six weeks of dating

Today Paula Hall advises Anna on how to tell if the man she's been dating for six weeks is interested in a relationship, or just friendship.  more

Online dating etiquette – a user’s guide

A little courtesy really can make life easier and more pleasant. But do the old-fashioned rules of etiquette apply on the Internet?  more

Larger woman would like to meet

Paula Hall, Parship's dating expert offers advice to a woman obsessing about dates.  more

Evening dating alternatives to dinner and drinks

Inviting someone to an evening dinner is a lovely thing to do. But there are alternatives which you might like to take into consideration.  more

10 ½ conversation traps

For a first date, the venue and what you wear need some careful consideration – but so do the topics of conversation. You might need help in manoeuvring around some of the potential hazards.  more

First-date nerves. Why do we get them?

How we feel as a first date approaches depends on so many factors. You might already have an idea about how well suited you could be to each other, and your tentative feelings about the other person can have a major impact. The prospect of the date could become really daunting – or you might adopt a ‘take it or leave it’ approach, explains Dr Victoria Lukats, Psychiatrist and Parship's dating expert.  more

Do I stand a chance?

The first date has gone well, but as you say goodbye you are on tenterhooks, waiting for those vital words from the other person: “It would be good to meet up again”. But there’s more to it than words – there are other signals that can tell you whether it’s time for a diplomatic retreat or a brave move.  more

Dating should be fun

Some people seem to see dating as a kind of ‘work’. Some even get worried about it. Try and take it easy: a date is something you should look forward to – like taking a day off work!  more

After the first date

Should you call straight after the first date or is it better to wait till the next day? Send a text or 100 roses? Suggest dinner at your local Italian or book a cruise? Once you’ve made it successfully past that initial encounter, what is the best course of action? Our tips will help you make the next move with assurance.  more

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