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The first date

How to spruce up your look for a date

Congratulations if you have just managed to secure a date. This means that the person in interested in meeting you.

Look for a date

Naturally, people have expectations and so do you. Whilst, it’s important not to take things too seriously and go with the flow at the very first date, there are a few things that you may want to take into account for your date. You have only once chance to make the right impression. Within the next 10 seconds of meeting your date, they will already have analyzed you and passed judgment - like it or not. There are ways to optimize your image and project your personal brand in the best light.

Here are the 5 steps to sprucing up your look for a date

1. Grooming: The face is the first and last thing that they will look at. If you think that you could do with a haircut, then please go ahead. Your hands are also an important feature about you. For those who bite their nails, you’d better consider giving it a rest. Shower and smell good and you’ll be good to go.

2. Confidence: Confidence is everything and it comes from accepting yourself and loving who you are and what you stand for. Never be ashamed about yourself. A man that exudes confidence will go a long way.

3. Posture: Your posture goes hand in hand with your confidence. This is all part of the non-verbal communication.
Don’t forget that your personal brand will make an immediate impact upon the first 10 seconds. Straighten up and clip your
shoulders back. Show that you’re confident and lead the way.

4. Manners: Be a gentleman, learn to listen to your partner and be inquisitive. A good conversationalist is someone in fact,
that understands the art of listening instead of talking. Table manners and chivalrousness are well alive and as some say
etiquette is not dead. The way your project your image through your manners and attitude are all part of your DNA.
The good thing is that you can always change things.

5. Style: Did you think I had forgotten this? Style comes from within, this is why it comes after all of the above. Your
personal style is the extension of your personality. It should communicate who you are and look effortless.

For your date, you should look at ease with what you wear. The clothes should fit you and be pressed. If you are not sure
what to wear, the safest bet is to go for a suit jacket or blazer paired with a pair of jeans, chinos or cords depending on the
season. Of course, you could be booted and suited – it’s up to your personality, the person you are dating and the
environment that you’ll be in. Nevertheless, in order to spruce up your look, you should play with the details.
Add a pocket square to your blazer but drop the tie to appearless business-like. Avoid black and white which is a formal

Instead go for a bit of colour which women are very sensitive to. You can mix a casual shirt with a more formal blazer for instance. Shoes are of the utmost importance so make sure they are of quality and made of leather.
When you go on a date, you must remember that it is not a business meeting. You should be open and receptive hence
your image should convey this by looking stylish but in a jovial mood. If you look approachable but well-dressed, your date will feel comfortable talking to you which will increase the chances of securing a second one!

Julian Sudre – Image Consultant








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