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The first date

The first date – an experience

The majority of Parship members fix their first meeting in a bar or café, but does the thought of a succession of coffees and teas fill you with panic? Then try something which is a bit more of an experience.

The first date – an experience

So, it’s not your idea of fun to be crammed in at a table while the person opposite sizes you up and the people on the next table eavesdrop on your conversation … The situation might not be conducive to making the best impression and the date might just end in disappointment.

An experience to make life easier

Even if meeting for a coffee generally seems to be the easiest option, the interaction between two strangers can be eased if they have something to do, rather than simply ‘interviewing’ each other. If the two of you are engaged in an activity, you could find some more space to get to know each other. All it takes is a little imagination in making the arrangements and it could set the scene for success.

Going green

Nature and romance go together. Ask your Parship date out for a walk … Lakes and rivers or, if it’s close by, the sea make a particularly good choice. Manmade options like canals and parks can also be an option, of course. Why not put a picnic basket together - the way to both a woman’s and a man’s heart can be through the stomach! You could even think about going fruit-picking together. On the other hand, if you don’t fancy the idea of too much physical labour you could visit a weekly farmers’ market. Sampling cheeses or freshly baked bread invites comment and conversation. If there’s a botanical garden near you, see if it stages events such as concerts.

A moving experience

If you’ve established online that you have an interest in common - say, sailing, mountain-biking or riding - then it bodes well for your first meeting. An American study has established that people who experience some kind of adventure together have a greater chance of falling in love. (Don’t feel that you have go to bungee-jumping on the first date, though. Maybe a rollercoaster would be a better initial option.) When was the last time you went kite-flying? Well, now’s your chance to try it again. What could be more romantic than looking up at the sky together?

Try something new

Even if you’re more of a city slicker you can go on a voyage of discovery on your home territory. Ask the other person to choose a bus route for the two of you to get onto and think of a city ‘sight’ to visit. It doesn’t have to be an historical building … It can be an interesting little corner, a wacky little shop, or a park bench with an interesting view. Or perhaps the two of you could visit a town that neither of you know. Even if turns out that there isn’t a romantic spark, at least you will have had a fascinating day out.

It takes two

Where you meet is important on a first date, and you should always make sure that the other person has a say in the choice of venue. If he or she doesn’t like your suggestion, than you should come up with something else. For instance, don’t buy tickets to an event without discussing it first, even though suitable surprises can be pleasant. If your idea is to go for a walk in the country, let the other person know so that appropriate footwear can be planned - or an alternative suggestion made.

Less is more

If you’re the imaginative type, then it’s worth remembering that less can sometimes be more. Springing an afternoon’s abseiling on your date might not achieve the results you hope for … and a day’s hiking or five hours of a Wagner opera might also prove too much. But if your first date turns out to be a positive experience, a second date could well be in the offing.

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