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How to tell if the man you’re dating is not interested in you

Dating would be much simpler if people always said what they meant in an open and honest way. Of course, in reality, people often hold back the truth for various reasons.

How to tell if the man you’re dating is not interested in you

Sometimes, behaviour that’s aimed at reducing hurt and conflict can actually makes things worse for the other person, as it creates false hope and confusion. So if you’re a woman dating a man and are wondering whether he’s as into you as you are into him, here are some simple red flags you can use to spot a guy who’s simply not interested.

1. He tells you he’ll call and then doesn’t

A man who’s interested will be a man of his word. If you arrange to call or text, he will do so. If there is a good reason why he can’t do it within the timeframe you expected, then he’ll contact you when he can and explain what had happened.

If, on the other hand, you find yourself waiting around or having to contact him yourself without getting any explanation as to why he didn’t bother contacting you, then he’s probably not as keen as you’d like him to be.

2. You’re the one who’s always initiating contact and arranging dates

For better or worse, men are conditioned to be the initiators. You’ll find that even shy guys will happily arrange to meet up once they’ve established you’re interested in them. If a man consistently sits back and lets you chase him to arrange dates, then he’s probably not particularly bothered about seeing you.

3. He doesn’t reply to your texts or emails for a long time, sometimes until you send another text or email.

Unless the man in question is insanely busy 24 hours a day and physically cannot reply to you, then you should expect a reply within a reasonable amount of time. If you text or email in the day and your man has a demanding office job then yes, it’s perfectly reasonable for him to take a while to get back to you, but if we’re talking about evenings, weekends, etc. then failure to reply is a red flag. It could mean anything from simple disinterest to your man actually being married.

4. At the end of your date, he doesn’t do or say anything to suggest another

This is a big red flag you can use to tell if your first date has gone well. A man who’s interested will generally try to arrange another date or at least arrange a definite follow up call or text to discuss said future date. If you find that you’re doing all the pushing, then it could well mean he’s not interested.

5. He tells you he’s not interested

Although seemingly obvious, many women tend to ignore very obvious signs that a man is not interested. If a man tells you he needs some space, time on his own or a break, take it as a sign that he’s not interested in you and move on. If he says he’s not interested in anything serious and you are – move on. Don’t waste your time by ignoring the obvious.

Written by Shimrit Elisar Written by Shimrit Elisar
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