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Looking for a partner

Meeting women who meet your expectations of a partner

A survey done by Parship in 2008 gives some interesting insights into the mind of British women.

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With seven million singles in the UK ready to use turn to the Internet to find a relationship, men and women from all sectors of society are joining dating websites – and many of them are finding a long-term partner. In 2008, Parship made a detailed survey of UK singles and its results provide British men with some useful and fascinating insights into British female and what they are looking for in a partner.

British single women stand on their own two feet

Parship’s singles survey found UK women are generally at ease with being single, though they also like the idea of establishing a long-term relationship with the right man, whether or not matters are formalised with a wedding.

What women and men are looking for

The No 1 attribute in a woman’s eyes is honesty – 97% of them are looking for that in a man, while 95% appreciate a man with strong communication skills and 88% are looking for an open attitude, with a sense of humour scoring equally highly.

Over 50% of British men like the idea of dating and attractive women, while 39% of women attach crucial importance to a man’s appearance. Though many British women consider themselves fussy when it comes to choosing a man, it seems they are not obsessed with looks.

Single women in Britain seem to want a man who displays some sensitivity. 58% of women don’t appreciate a man who behaves as if he knows it all, while more than 60% are put off by dominating or ruthless behaviour. Less than a quarter of women are attracted to a man who likes to assume the traditional male role, while less than half were looking for a protective man or a go-getter.

Women who are compatible with you

Parship’s matching process is based on more than 30 years of research into relationships. Studies have proven that long-term success for a couple depends on compatibility of personality, attitudes, aspirations and lifestyle. At the heart of Parship’s service is a unique free compatibility test – which will bring you together with women who offer you the potential for the fulfilling relationship you deserve.

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The Parship principle

The Parship principle

Parship helps you find someone who really is right for you - someone to build a future with. 

The Parship principle

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Parship Mobile

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