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Guide for single men - What to wear on a first date?

Maybe one of the most discussed topics on the internet. Parship created this guide for all men, who are not reading fashion blogs, but want to be up-to-date ...

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There are no shortage of articles on the internet and in magazines about what to wear on a first date, if you’ve come across this article whilst researching for a date you have no doubt already started to suffer from information over load, with expert after expert offering you advice. If like me you barely know who Max Mara is, or thought Dianne Von Furstenburg was a phone designer then maybe it’s all a bit over whelming.

The reason why so much of the information you’ve been reading seems to contradict it’s self is because everyone and every date is different. There is no golden formula that is guaranteed to make sure your attire will impress, you need to choose the outfit that matches you and your date.
You are reading the Parship magazine which means there is a good chance that you are looking for a relationship rather than just a few fun dates. Relationships are a big deal and so you would be forgiven for thinking that this means your outfit needs to be a big deal too. In most cases however you might be relived to find this isn’t the case.

Most women who are looking for relationships are passed the dating game, or maybe were never even into in the first place. For a lot of people the dating game is all about finding cloths and other superficial strategies that can be used to attract members of the opposite sex. This can be fun for a while, but once you’re looking for a relationship these superficial things suddenly don’t matter so much anymore. People looking for relationships will be more concerned about finding the person under the façade- shared interests, complementary personalities, a shared sense of humour. Wearing an outfit that “isn’t you” just masks the important parts of you, the parts of you that she will be looking for.

This isn’t to say that what you wear is of no importance, if you are interested in fashion and like nice clothing, then dress well in that designer outfit and show off this part of your personality. If this is you then you probably already know better than me what to wear on this date so put that on and feel good in it! If this is not you however, don’t worry, pick out your favourite clothing that is already in your cupboard, the clothing that you think you look good in and wear this. It’s more important that you wear something that you are comfortable in, that gives you the self-confidence to let your personality shine through than it is to wear an outfit that some magazine says you will look good in but has left you feeling self-conscious and distracted from your date.

Remember it will help you to feel comfortable if you match your level of smartness to the venue that you meet in. Check it out beforehand and get a feel for what other people there are wearing showing up over dressed or underdressed could leave you feeling self-conscious.
Another thing to bear in mind is that your date doesn’t know you yet, that Ninja Turtles T-Shirt that you wear ironically might be a lot of fun when you’re with your friends, but if she doesn’t know this she might assume ‘80s cartoons are one of your biggest passions. (Of course if they are then maybe that’s fine.)

It is also worth remembering that feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing is not the same as wearing comfort clothing. Don’t show up wearing the dirty lounge pants you change into after a hard day at work, show your date she is important to you by making some effort over your clothing, make sure everything is clean and make sure it’s something you think looks nice.

Choosing your clothes for a date when you are looking for a relationship is all about finding a good balance. You will naturally want to make an effort to look nice and this is an important instinct to follow, but overall it is more important to make sure you wear something that reflects you and leaves you comfortable enough to let your personality come out. –Remember at the end of the day if you’re not that into fashion you probably won’t want to be with anyone who puts too much emphasis on what you wear.

Written by Ewan Cambell MacDougall

Ewan is a professional blogger who contributes to a number of family blogs covering a range of subjects. He now started writing blog post for Parship regarding dating and relationship and brings in his expertise on professional blogging to our magazine from time to time.

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