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There are some 15 million single people in the UK, and about 50% of them are looking for a serious relationship. A similar proportion are ready to go online dating, some in search of fun and flirtation, others -members of Parship, for instance - looking for something deeper and more lasting. Many single people enjoy their independence while also being aware of the need for a stable, fulfilling relationship with a loving partner. These articles examine what it means to be single in the UK today.

How relevant are looks when dating?

The big question, "What should I wear?” brings and absurd amount of concern.  more

Forever alone? Here’s the way to change it.

Not every single person is happy. But many of them stand on their own way.  more

Does there have to be a sparkle on the first date?

The first date does not necessarily say anything about whether two people can fall in love or not.  more

The nervousness before a first date

Before the first date with a potential partner, many are a nervous wreck.  more

The fascination of authenticity

Authenticity is sexy and even more important when looking for a partner. But why does this happen and can it be “acquired”?  more

Who should get in touch after the first date?

If the date was a success, questions like these arise: What now? Who gets in touch first?  more

Cheerful on the first date

„Without music life would be a mistake” said Friedrich Nietzsche, and we would like to elaborate some more; without music a date cannot succeed. This is especially true for the preparation process before a date.  more

Chat-Up Lines

On the dating scene, chat-up lines have long been the staple ‘go-to’ for men and women alike looking to capture the attention of someone they like the look of. There are the good, the bad and the downright atrocious lines that we’ve all come across from time to time, but there’s no denying that chat-up lines do play their part in helping to bring the sexes together.  more

Top Ten Tips on How to meet people at parties

As much as we love online dating, sometimes it’s good to get out and about and meet people in the real world. Parties are a great opportunity to meet new people, especially house parties, but they do have their drawbacks.  more

Top 10 Romantic Poets

Much has been written about love, and while poetry may not be everyone’s cup of tea, romantic minds have always admired the powerful beauty of romantic poetry.  more


The results of Parship’s major survey of UK singles made clear that there is an important role for online dating which opens the way to successful relationships. In the context of online dating as a whole, Parship can be described as a relationship site rather than simply a dating site.

Many British singles would like to change their life by finding a partner: Parship’s Singles Survey showed that they believe in long-term relationships and - in comparison to Western Europe as a whole - remain especially attached to the idea of marriage: it’s more than a matter of “I want to find a girlfriend” or “I want to find a boyfriend”.

At the same time, the survey suggests that, in their search for love, they often uphold the traditional British reputation for reserve. They can also be reluctant to make many compromises in their choice of a partner. Single women in the UK often tend to impose high standards on their choice of a man, while, overall, single men sometimes seem to be suffering a crisis of confidence when it comes to finding the woman of their life.

Even in today’s easy-going Britain, there are barriers for singles to overcome when it comes to making the first important steps towards a fulfilling relationship. Parship brings together single people who, from their very first contact, can be reassured that there are genuine reasons why they could be ‘made for each other’.

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The Parship principle

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The Parship principle

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