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Healthy Dating

We believe in better dating – with more respect, authenticity, and fun.

Dating with prospects

9 out of 10 Parship couples are satisfied with their relationship.

2021 Parship member survey

Dating that feels good

Maximum IT security, a trust and safety team, and SMS verification

Why should I choose Parship?

Because we work to make dating what it should be – respectful, honest, and full of positive energy!

We make dating more authentic

We believe that dating is only fun when profiles are authentic. That‘s why you will only find reviewed profiles on Parship and can only be contacted by singles who have filled out at least 50% of their profile.

We stand for commitment

We are convinced that having clear values leads to a better dating experience. To ensure that all singles are aligned with our values, everyone is required to agree to our healthy dating guidelines before registering.

We pave the way for dating that feels good

We believe that dating can only be great if it is respectful. So we make sure that you won‘t get any short messages like “hi” or messages that have been copied and pasted on Parship.

We keep your feelings safe

Our trust and safety team makes sure that you feel at ease so that you can focus on your matches. We also keep your data safe – our software is certified under TÜV SÜD.

We offer dating with prospects

We don‘t want our singles to always be on the lookout for something better; we want them to get to know each other better.

That‘s why our matching aims to find you a great fit. 9 out of 10 Parship couples are still happy together.

2021 Parship member survey

We lay the foundation for fun dating

We know that dating without any pressure is the most fun. To make it easier to get to know people, we have icebreakers and interesting profile questions.