We understand love

Is there a formula for a happy relationship? In principle, yes. Our matching method, the Parship Principle®. It helps us find out who demonstrates particularly promising criteria in order to work well as a couple – thus increasing the chances of you falling in love.

How our matching method works

Do you want a relationship that just feels right? Perfect! This is precisely the kind of love we want to help you find. And here’s how to get there: our relationship personality questionnaire helps you get to know yourself first and foremost.

Our matching method – step-by-step

Step 1

It all starts with the Parship questionnaire

After registering, you’ll go through our questionnaire and answer around 80 questions. Your answers help us to understand what you look for when it comes to love and what makes you truly happy in a relationship. Based on this, we introduce you to singles who are a particularly good match for you. The number of matching points show you just how good the match is.

Step 2

We match you with suitable singles

Our matching method wouldn’t be complete without a bit of maths. Our algorithm – which has a total of 136 rules – will then suggest members to you with whom you have a particularly good chance of enjoying a happy relationship. And what exactly does ‘suitable’ mean? To put it briefly, the right balance of similarities and differences.

Step 3

Now it’s your turn to choose

We know that there’s a little more to falling in love. You’ll likely want to specify the region where you would like to look for singles. Or how tall he or she should be. We offer you plenty of filter options to do this. And now there’s only one thing left to do: get in contact, arrange a date and see if there’s a spark.

Our scientific basis

Our Parship Principle® is based on various theories from the fields of psychology and sociology. We use concepts from behavioural theory, social psychology, psychoanalysis and gestalt psychology. Sound complex? You’re right, it is. But that doesn’t matter. Because it helps us to help you fall in love.

Our matching method identifies your relationship personality. Need some numbers to back this up? When you register, we ask you around 80 questions. There are nearly 400 possible responses to choose from. And this allows us to determine a total of 32 personality characteristics that are important in a relationship: values, attitudes, habits and interests.

Your responses to our questions don’t just help us get to know you, they also help you get to know yourself. Because you need to know who you are first before you can find the right partner. We create a portrait of your relationship personality. It shows you what relationship type you are.

It’s all about the right combination: your personality is the key component and we give this the greatest weighting when matching you with other singles. Your interests, hobbies, preferences and habits are also a factor.

Matching: How we help you fall in love

We don’t want you to find just any partner; we want you to find exactly the right person to share your life with.

Get to know your relationship personality!

Our Team of Experts

Eric Hegmann

Born in 1966, he has been part of our Team of Experts here at Parship since 2006.

As a couples counsellor and singles coach, he has published numerous books about dating and relationships. He specialises in dating and relationships and has in-depth knowledge of integrative couples therapy, emotion-focused couples and sex therapy, couples therapy according to John Gottman and systemic sex and couples therapy. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the online magazine and the Parship Group.

Markus Ernst

has worked as a coach for Parship since 2007 and has extensive knowledge about the desires and needs of singles looking for a partner.

As well as being a coach in our Team of Experts here at Parship and in the Parship forum, he runs his own practice as a couples therapist and psychological consultant in Hamburg. Since 2014, he can also be seen as a psychology expert on the German version of the hit show Married at First Sight on SAT1.

Christiane Lénard

Head of Scientific Development and Matchmaking, Christiane Lénard is in charge of researching relationship quality and stability, as well as for the development of the scientific method.

She studied Psychology and Sociology at Bremen University and has worked at Parship since 2009.

Mag. Caroline Erb

Mag. Caroline Erb has worked as a trained psychologist for Parship in Austria since 2007. She is also the successful author of various specialist publications on the subject of singles and relationships.

She began her career at the Vienna Institute for Applied Depth Psychology (IFAT).

Mieke Mievis

Mieke Mievis is a sex therapist with her own practices in Ternat and Haacht.

Since 2007, she has been advising Parship members in Belgium on relationships and how to find the right partner: by telephone and in the Parship blog.

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